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I've been in a hole for a couple of week now. Having a real hard time dealing with one of our kitties deaths. It was Twinkie, our little traveling kitty that wears the silly little cap. It came as a shock to us both and had to tell the vet to put her to sleep while she was in surgery. She suddenly could not potty but kept straining to go but nothing would happen, then would not eat -- after a lot of searching, tests and blood work had to open her up to check her intestines and found she had a tumor surrounding her intestines, chocking it off. She had cancer and it was too far spread to operate, had already gone into her pelvic area and elsewhere. She was our baby and we had raised her from 2 days old on a bottle. She was almost 8 years old. She went everywhere with us and slept with me. She sat on Hal's chest every night after work and chatted with him like she was telling him about her day and asking him about his. It has been real difficult for both of us. I can't say her name without crying. I cry myself to sleep every night. My heart actually hurts -- she was so very special.

Love and Hugs,
For All Time Cat Haven

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